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Below we relate some of the projects and research carried out by E. Vila Projects in our laboratories to find the best solution for the client:

– All laboratory projects are specified in a detailed written and graphic report that is provided to the client of the tests performed and the result obtained.

– E. Vila Projects has performed more than 2000 laboratory tests for clients and the database created allows a quick solution to needs with infrared or ultraviolet of the clients.


  • Research on teflon adhesion to heat increase
  • Automotive sector temperature increase in car parts, plastic composite
  • Exposure of plastic base parts to improve coating adhesion
  • Break memory of vinyl base without affecting the material
  • Improves paint adhesion in different color casings
  • Infrared result on high density polyethylene for drying
  • Ultraviolet lamps for leak detection
  • Infrared temperature maintenance of water-soluble material
  • Ultraviolet light for detection of false bills and documents
  • Infrared emission for solvent priming on aluminum
  • Infrared emission for water-based primer on aluminum
  • Ultraviolet paint on clip for drying
  • Infrared emission for coating drying and overcome stacking test
  • Infrared lamps for drying metal parts and prevent dripping
  • Water purification by ultraviolet
  • Disinfection of surfaces using ultraviolet lamps
  • Air disinfection in operating rooms and clean rooms
  • Lengthen food life by ultraviolet disinfection of packaging and air
  • Ultraviolet equipment in swimming pools
  • Sausage drying of sausage air
  • Air disinfection by ultraviolet for sterilization of fruits
  • Infrared lamps for cooking hamburgers
  • Infrared radiation for plastic modeling
  • Ultraviolet disinfection of intimate hygiene material
  • Ultraviolet lamps in refrigeration circuits
  • Behavior nautical sector pieces to infrared radiation
  • Deformation pieces through infrared radiation
  • Label stripping through infrared radiation
  • Drying of infrared rubber parts
  • Drying of infrared silicones
  • Silicone gluing by infrared lamps
  • Pasted container parts by infrared radiation
  • Welding by infrared lamp
  • Thermal insulation drying by infrared lamps
  • Curing parts by infrared lamps