E.VILA Projects & Supplies SL provides the full range of products in quartz: quartz lamps, quartz plates, rods, quartz tubes, capsules, crucibles up to special pieces for a plane or treated for infrared or ultraviolet band filtering.

E.VILA Projects and Supplies S.L. it provides the entire range of products in quartz: quartz lamps, quartz plates, rods, quartz tubes, capsules, crucibles up to special pieces on flat or treated for infrared or ultraviolet band.

Quartz lamps are also called halogen lamps and are characterized by allowing greater power by resisting the heat very well.

Our quartz material, in qualities NH-100, NHI-200, NHI-300, NHI-500, among others, can satisfy the needs of the most demanding market such as lighting, laboratories or industry in general.

Below are some examples of pieces we can make:


  • Density: 2.2 g / cm2
  • Tensile strength: 448 N / mm2
  • Compressive strength: 1100 N / mm2
  • Young’s module: 7.2 104 N / mm2
  • Stiffness module: 3.1 104 N / mm2
  • Torsional strength: 30 N / mm2
  • Resistance to bending: 70 N / mm2
  • Poisson ratio: 0.17
  • Mohs hardness: 5 – 6
  • Micro-hardness: 10000 N / mm2
  • Sound speed for wavelength: 5720 m / s


  • Thermal coefficient of expansion (293-893 ºK): 0.54 10-6 ºK-1
  • Deformation point: 1380 ºK
  • Working range: 2003-2373 ºK
  • Maximum use of continuous temperature: 1373 ºK
  • Maximum use of limited temperature: 1673 ºK
  • Specific heat: 670 J / kg ºK
  • Thermal conductivity: 1.46 W / m ºK


  • Electrical resistivity (293 ºK): 1018 O cm
  • Dielectric constant: 3.7
  • Electrical intensity (230 ºK for 5mm lengths): 250-400 kV / cm
  • dielectric loss factor tg (1 kMz 473 ºK): 5 10-4


Quartz Info

Quartz is one of the most common minerals on our planet, composed of silica (SiO2); It contains a high degree of purity and different properties.

It has piezoelectric properties, it is capable of producing current if a pressure is exerted on one end of its polar axis; pyroelectric, if subjected to changes in temperature changes its polarity; it is not limited to the phenomenon of thermal shock, it does not suffer breakage in the event of abrupt changes in temperature.

The quartz glass is almost completely transparent to infrared and ultraviolet light, can withstand high temperatures, above 1000 ºC. In addition to being resistant to almost all chemicals.

Due to its different properties, its use is very widespread in industry, chemistry, metallurgy, materials such as semiconductors, fiber optics, electric heaters, lighting and research laboratories.

The wide range of materials we provide: tubes, disc sheets, bars, tubes and technical parts of transparent quartz, translucent and opaque; They are manufactured with an appropriate production method and with selected raw materials and the correct type, to guarantee the quality of the pieces and their optimization of transparency to the transmission of IR or UV.

Placas de Cuarzo

Quartz plates



Our QUARTZ SINGING BOWLS are made of quartz crystal of the highest quality, which allows them to obtain clarity in the notes and music performed with them. The tones produced by the musical crucibles are not only heard by the ear, but felt in the body, with certain tones that affect their energy centers (chakras), balance and meditation. A tool for specialists in this field .


The Quartz Singing Bowls of E. VILA PROJECTS are made with a unique and handmade manufacturing process with the best quartz.

The Quartz Singing Bowls can be sent in quartz color or decorated with colors to suit the client.


We offer music tuning forks in different measures of transparent quartz and manufactured manually with the best quartz of purity for an exceptional sound.

The forks or tuning forks emit infinite sounds at different frequencies. For some of the professionals who use our tuning forks / musical forks the tuning forks are much more specific than a melting pot, but this statement is left to our customers who are experts in the use of our materials.


We offer transparent quartz pyramids for meditation, different measures.

The quartz pyramid uses high vibration energy. It radiates the sound through its vertex, giving immense power to manifest them.