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Industrial infrared heater

Infrared emitters

E.VILA Projects & Supplies SL has a wide range of shortwave,
medium wave and long wave infrared emitters.
We produce in transparent and frosted quartz,
including all sorts of reflectors (gold, ruby or alumina).
 We supply in twin-tubes or single tubes in different
constructions according to client needs. Contact from here

¿How do our infrared emitters work?

Their structure allows concentration of the wavelength spectrum used in industrial heating, from 1 to 4 microns.

We produce 4 types of infrared emitters according to the wavelengths:

Always learing in mind the material to be heated.

Industrial applications

Industrial application of infrared emitters covers a wide range. Some very current ones are shown below:

Our technicians will advise about the best product adapted to your requirements. Contact from here.

Emitters for Laminated Glass Cutting Tables

We manufacture all sorts of infrared emitters for laminated glass cutting tables.

Our emitters are fully compatible with all brands of cutting tables such as:

Infrared lamp laminated
Infrared lamp glass

Special Infrared Emitters

We also manufacture special emitters such as:

    Circular Infrared Emitters

E.Vila Projects produces all kinds of curved emitters adapted to client requirements.

Among the special emitters we emphasize circular or ring type ones, where on their reflector can be placed on the best position in order to direct infrared radiation on to the desired place in a direct way.

Circular infrared lamp
- It’s we can supply in all shapes and wattages

    Curved Infrared Emitters

The quartz tube used for this purpose is of the type that allows bending, shaping or follow a three-dimensional contour to adapt itself perfectly to the design of the pieces or needed application.

curved infrared lamp

Carbon Infrared Emitters

We manufacture all types of emitters with carbon technology in single tube or twin-tube system.

Infrared emitters with carbon technology allow high efficiency in paint drying with low incidence on the base paper.

E.Vila Projects produces all the standard models and also made to drawing tailored for the client’s application requirement.

infrared carbon lamp   infrared emitter carbon

    Ruby Infrared Emitters

We produce ruby infrared emitters that significantly reduce glare.

Another development is the ruby emitter with an additional gold coat on the tube that reduces glare to a very minimum and can be installed at visible working areas.

ruby infrared lamp

 lamp ruby

    Emitters fixing clamps

E.Vila Projects is able to supply all kinds of fixing clamps for single or twin-tube infrared emitters with all types of connector end caps.

fixing clamp   clamp lamp 

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